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NC-108 High-performance Automated CNC Lathe

NC-108 High-performance Automated CNC Lathe

NC-108 High-performance Automated CNC Lathe is a sophisticated technology that revolutionizes the way machines are controlled and operated. With the integration of computer systems and advanced algorithms, NC-108 CNC offers precise and automated control over various machining processes.
NC-108 CNC ensures high precision and accuracy in machining operations. With the ability to program complex instructions and algorithms, it enables the machine to execute precise movements, resulting in accurate cuts, drilling, milling, and other machining processes.
This product adopts the new generation SYTEC/6TA-E, is equipped with a new generation drive motor and spindle drive, and is also equipped with a built-in high-speed precision electric spindle as standard.
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    Maximum rotary diameter on the bed mm Φ560
    Maximum machining diameter (disk) mm Φ400
    Maximum machining diameter (shaft) mm Φ280
    Maximum turning diameter on slide mm Φ280
    Distance between two centers mm 500
    Maximum machining length mm 450
    Maximum through-hole diameter of tie rod mm Φ52
    Safety guard Completely closed
    Numerical control system
    Machine weight kg About 3800
    Dimension of machine(L×W×H) mm 2244×1650×1760
    Principal axis Spindle nose form A2-6
    Spindle through-hole diameter mm Φ66
    Spindle bore taper MT-6
    Three-jaw chuck clamping capacity  r/min 8"
    Tie rod action form  kW Hydraulic pressure
    Maximum spindle speed mm 4000
    Power of main motor mm 11/15
    Feed X-axis travel  m/min 225
    Z-axis travel mm 490
    XZ axis rapid traverse speed mm 25
    Precision Positioning accuracy (X/Z) 0.008/0.010
    Repeat positioning accuracy (X/Z) 0.006/0.008
    Power tool tower Number of tool positions mm 8
    Drive type s Servo
    Center height mm 80
    Tool change time(T-T) mm 0.2
    Boring tool holder specifications 32
    Square tool holder specification mm 25
    Tailstock Taper of Tailstock Sleeve MT-5
    Maximum/Minimum Workpiece Length 500/60
    Safety shields  kg Completely closed
    CNC controls mm SYTEC 6TA/FANUC Oi-TF/GSK988TA
    Machine weight About 3800
    Machine size (L×W×H) 2244×1650×1760

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