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Specializing in the production of machine tool accessories such as chip conveyors

The chip removal machines produced by the company mainly include chain plate type chip removal machines, magnetic chip removal machines, scraper type chip removal machines, magnetic scraper type chip removal machines, screw type chip removal machines, etc. The types of machine tools used for export mainly include: CNC lathes, machining centers, circular saw machines, gear hobbing machines, double-head lathes, vertical lathes, gantry machines, high-speed machines (grinding machines), and other high-end machine tools.

Gear Rubbing Machines Manufacturers

A gear rubbing machine is a specialized machine tool used to simulate and investigate gear rubbing phenomena. It allows for controlled testing and analysis of gear contact, friction, and wear under specific operating conditions. Gear rubbing machines are primarily used in research and development, gear manufacturing, and quality control processes.The machine allows for the adjustment of various parameters such as gear alignment, load, speed, lubrication, and temperature. These parameters can be manipulated to simulate different operating conditions and study the effects on gear contact.

Hangzhou Tongyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tongyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2007.It's a famous China Gear Rubbing Machine Manufacturers and Gear Rubbing Machine Factory, we offer Wholesale Gear Rubbing Machine. It is an integrated industry and trade enterprise specializing in the production of machine tool accessories such as chip conveyors and exporting various machine tools. In 2017, our company established a new company - Zhejiang Anaiqi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
The company has over 5000 end customers, including over 200 supporting units. The chip removal machines produced by the company mainly include chain plate type chip removal machines, magnetic chip removal machines, scraper type chip removal machines, magnetic scraper type chip removal machines, screw type chip removal machines, etc. The main types of machine tools used for export include CNC lathes, machining centers, circular sawing machines, double head lathes, and other high-precision end machine tools. The company has professional technical personnel, with meticulous production, advanced management, and high-quality after-sales service, to provide customers with the highest cost-effectiveness products and fully meet their needs.
Our company has always adhered to the principles of honesty, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and brand building. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit and patronize us, and create brilliance together!

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

1. How does the Gear Rubbing Machine realize high-precision gear processing?
A gear grinder is a machine tool specially used to manufacture gears, and the core of its high-precision machining lies in the accuracy of the grinding process. High-precision gears usually need to meet strict geometric requirements, such as module, number of teeth, tooth profile, tooth pitch, etc. The following are the key elements of a gear grinding machine to achieve high-precision gear machining:
a. Grinding tools and knives: Gear grinding machines use high-precision grinding tools and knives, which are usually made of carbide or ceramics. The quality and geometry of the tool is critical to the quality of the final gear. By using precision grinding tools, it is possible to ensure that the tooth shape and pitch of the gears meet the predetermined specifications.
b. Sophisticated CNC system: Gear grinding machines are usually equipped with advanced CNC systems that can monitor and adjust the grinding process in real time. The numerical control system ensures that the geometric parameters of each gear are within the allowable range by precisely controlling the position, speed and grinding depth of the tool. This closed-loop feedback system corrects any grinding errors in real time, thereby improving the accuracy of the gear.
c. Grinding fluid and cooling system: During the gear grinding process, the grinding tool rotating at high speed generates heat, which may cause deformation or thermal stress of the material. To combat this, gear grinders typically use grinding fluids and cooling systems to control temperature. This helps maintain the stability of the gear material, prevents thermal distortion, and ensures precision.
d. Material selection and pretreatment: The material selection of the gear also has a significant impact on the final accuracy. Different materials have different processing difficulties, so careful material selection is required when manufacturing high-precision gears. In addition, gears may require pretreatment, such as heat treatment or surface treatment, before grinding to increase the hardness and wear resistance of the material.

2. What are the applications of Gear Rubbing Machine in industrial manufacturing?
Gear grinding machines have a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing, some of the main areas and scenarios are as follows:
a. Automotive manufacturing: The automotive industry is one of the main application areas for gear grinding machines. Gears are used in transmission systems, such as transmissions and differentials, requiring high precision and high durability. Gear grinding machines are used to manufacture these critical components, ensuring the performance and reliability of the car.
b. Wind power generation: The gearbox is one of the core components of a wind turbine and is used to convert wind energy into electricity. These gearboxes often require large, high-precision gears to withstand enormous mechanical stress. Gear grinding machines are used to manufacture the critical gears of these gearboxes.
c. Aerospace: The aerospace field requires lightweight and high-strength gears to meet the performance requirements of aircraft. Gear grinding machines are used to manufacture gears for aircraft engines, spacecraft and drones, ensuring their reliability in extreme environments.
d. Industrial machinery: Gear grinding machines are also used to manufacture gears of various industrial machinery, such as machine tools, printing machinery, conveying equipment, etc. The gears of these machines require high precision and high efficiency to ensure the smooth running of the production process.

3. What is the future development trend of Gear Rubbing Machines?
As a key tool in the manufacturing industry, the gear grinding machine's future development trend is affected by many factors:
a. Automation and digitization: Future gear grinding machines will be more automated and digitized. The intelligent control system will be able to automatically adjust process parameters, optimize the grinding process, and improve production efficiency and consistency.
b. Material innovation: The emergence of new high-performance materials will promote the development of gear grinding machines. These materials may require new processing methods and tools to meet their special requirements.
c. Environmental Protection and Sustainability: With the increasing focus on environmental protection and sustainability in the manufacturing industry, gear grinder manufacturers will seek to reduce resource consumption and waste generation while increasing energy efficiency.
d. Customized production: With the diversification of customer needs, gear grinding machine manufacturers may develop towards more customized production to meet the specific needs of different industries and customers.